Importance of education in America

We hear all the time how important education in America. We have a dynamic economy to get back into it daily to advance their citizens, states, counties, school districts, and the federal government must heed the call, but not the second. I love action cries coming from everywhere. In addition, the drums maybe meet some of the messages are becoming deaf to think that so often recently hit, or have been. The budget problems for teachers laid off to see my mind boggles. Only 2% of the national defense budget of our educational system can do. Maybe it’s just me, but who meet to discuss the current measures are not good. Far from it, not point fingers or’m subtleties do not misunderstand me. It is an important point to make. I should be your goals when it comes to understanding our modern education system believes it is a mistake. In the course of the “basic” education I’m not perfect, etc English language, mathematics, science, are not important.

Far from it, but why are they important? Why do we read? Or learn how to manipulate the numbers, or do it all for us “experts”, the weather, politics, etc. I understand what’s going universe. We onlyImportance of education in America work, earn, easy , buy, and can range from the world . If we get sick, we go to the doctor and he did well to get to the shows. If we know anything about that “Google” to the network news, or give us the answer to all media professionals can make use of the score. What you got for us because we need our own research or try to get below the surface. We just kill Kennedy, Vietnam and Iraq before us our most foolish military adventures began in the facts that are willing to discount, I, 1964, a reasonably good year I graduated from high school. If life was easy, any Internet, any follow. No YouTube or Netflix. Can you imagine? Radio, newspapers, magazines and books, as well as cables and maybe ten television channels – we wanted answers to these days, we have to inform the media had a limited number. This was our resources. Help your summers in high school and (in the city, “sticks” used to live in) the city was spent with my grandmother. One of my favorite things to do was go to the public library. For me, it was a paradise for the adventure of infinite possibilities.

My family loved to read, and I caught the bug. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson in the beginning, and then the Wild Jack London Classic, call progress. So I went to the largest, housed the city library and read it. Every day, sometimes in a different part of fiction, sometimes science, religion, or history, or “. Largo for me , will be heading over the face of the earth, one of the largest organizations in the Library of Congress go to cardholders , in any language and almost all books, magazines, newspapers, never written or printed , is not that what does not exist with . , I like to do a little research. ‘I have had many great adventures and that there is definitely a destination that can be investigated. course, nowadays the Internet , of course , misinformation , including the Library of Congress access to everything and anything but , containing information about more than one thousand million website With an incredible tool , and  then, money and vendors complete burning of books downloaded from Project Gutenberg classics for sale, the Amazon.

Today, 66 years, I’m still reading about 50 books a year. An average of about a week, I like to read everything, but my main foods economy, all kinds of fiction and history. But, like where my heart leads, and get good advice from friends and family. If an author I like, I usually have all or most of the books read. Home passion that has worked well in recent years. My goal is to know everything. How ridiculous. But, under the control of maintaining her obsessive-compulsive behavior, and not forgive myself for the inevitable failure can be as long as a good goal. The way I see it, most know me, I’m better. So overall the education system is far good as compare to other countries in the world therefore numbers of student turn towards this region for higher education.

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