Importance of Sports Activities in Pakistan

Importance of Sports Activities in PakistanThe importance of sports activities cannot be denied by any means because it helps to keep us healthy and energize.  It is the useful source to keep the humans physically and mentally fit. The persons who spend some time to have any kind of sport activities they always perform better in practical, professional and domestic life. Sports play vital role in the development of any a country.  Pakistan has been established country in the world of sports. Pakistan is the region of talented people where it has produced plenty of professional and skillful players since it has been created. Many sport activities games are being played in Pakistan but Pakistan has gained a reputable name in some sport games in the world such as Cricket, Hockey, Boxing, Snooker, Basketball and Tennis. Now we have a look over some popular games of Pakistan.

Cricket in Pakistan:
Cricket is one of the most popular games in Pakistan. The cricket of Pakistan was started in 1952 when the test team was formed and first ever test match was being played between India and Pakistan in Delhi in the year of 1952. Pakistan first time toured to international venue in England as a test match team where test match series consisted on two matches was remained draw.  Since then Pakistan has been one of the most successful county in the history of Cricket as it qualified the semifinals of World Cups 1979, 1983 and 1987.  Pakistan won the title of World Cup under the leadership of legend Imran Khan in 1992 which was played in Australia. Moreover the T-20 format consisted on 20 overs has been progressed in recent years and Pakistan has won the T-20 World Cup in 2009. Pakistan has produced plenty of talented cricket players which are popular at international level such as Imran Khan, Waseem Akram, Inzam-ul-Haq, Muhammad Yousaf, Shahid Khan Afridi Javed Miandad and Mushtaq Muhammad. Umer Akmal, Younis Khan, Muhammad Hafeez, Saeed Ajmal, Muhammad Arfan etc. are the current players who are playing for Pakistan.

Hockey in Pakistan:
Hokey is the national game of Pakistan which was started in 1948 after the partition of Pakistan and India. Pakistan Hockey is followed by the Pakistan Hockey Federation.  The team of Pakistan has been most successful in the history of Hockey as it has won the World Cup 03 times which any other team has not done yet. Pakistan won in 1971, 1975, 1978, 1982, 1990 and as well as in 1994. Many legends have been playing for Pakistan and these players are dignity of Pakistan. The record of most number of goals is having Pakistani corner specialist Sohail Abbas with 338 goals. Although the national game of Pakistan is Hockey but in recent few years the Hockey of Pakistan has almost destroyed as Pakistan has not done anything special in recent years. The next Hockey World Cup is going to be held in 2014 but Pakistan has not qualified for the world cup and this happened first time in the history of Hockey since its creation that Pakistan will not play the tournament. The government should bring reforms to reestablish the team. New talent should be brought.

Tennis in Pakistan:
Tennis is internationally recognized game and was initiated in Pakistan in 1947 after creation of Pakistan Lawn Tennis Association (PLTA). Pakistan has not done anything special in this department of game as it has few names at international level. Aisam ul Haq is the great player of Pakistan who is presently playing and has ranked in singles is 103. Pakistan will have to done well in this department for its improvements.

Snooker in Pakistan:
The snooker game is progressing in Pakistan as young generation has interest in playing Snookers. Pakistan has also done good job in snookers as Muhammad Asif won the title of IBSF World Snooker Championship in 2012. There are also many others games in which Pakistan has fame internationally but due continuing numbers of crises in Pakistan the sports department has also been affected but Pakistan should never lose temperament and keeping promoting the sports activities. As we have already said that this is the land of talented people but they only need a platform.

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