Importance of Technology in Education

Importance of technology in educationToday we are going to discuss about the importance of Technology in Education. There was no concept of technology the before 18th century actually it starts between the 18th and 19th century. As soon as technology progressed it has helped the human in many ways. Technology has made the life of human much comfortable and reliable. Technology has blessed the every human but it is the student who is taking countless benefits of technology.
We are now completely relying on technology in the field of education. If we look into the past the education was only about books, notes and as well as face to face lectures. It was never possible to acquire education without a teacher and sometime you might had to travel long to find a teacher. In short technology is playing vital role in the field of education at every level. The foremost source of technology in the field of education is Computer and Internet. Technology alongwith computer and internet has made education easiest, reachable and revolutionary for the students. Technology is helping the students for making education easy in various ways some are discussed below:-

Technology is serving the students to get education due to availability of different kind of courses and instructions on the internet. Online courses in shape of videos allow the students to get clear concepts more efficiently by listening the lectures again and again. Moreover there are numerous students who cannot attend the classrooms due to some their personal matters, can acquire knowledge by accessing online courses available on different kind of websites.

Ease of Teaching:

There was a time when a teacher had to hard work a lot but with the advancement of technology it has been easy task for teachers as they just prepare their lectures and publish on internet thus students can take lectures any time that they want. It is very much difficult for the students living in remote areas to attend the lectures on regular bases but with the use of technology scenario has now been changed or technology has changed the lifestyle of students.

Learning in Shape of Groups Due to Technology:

In past it was a challenging task to study in a group after school or college time because students belonged to different areas but technology has solved their problem. If you have computer, laptop, tablet PC alongwith the facility of internet than you can make a group of some college friends and can acquire knowledge through this group as distance doesn’t matter due to technology. So this way of studying will definitely help you to get education effectively.

Distance Education or Online Education:
There are many online educational institutions are now working for providing quality education to students around the world. Online education is also referred to distance education. If we observe before 18th of century there was no concept of online or distance education but now you can get online education in any institutions in the world with computer and internet. Study abroad is an expensive one but online education is also the causing to save your money.

In the past students were able to write their study material on notebooks and these notebooks were watch only by teachers but it is era of modern technology so you can find various software such as MS Office, Images, and Videos to make presentations that also help to your colleagues also.

Avoidance of Weight:
It is a difficult task to carrying bags full of books and binders. It has been seen that sometime student injure due to carrying heavy bags but Technology also helps the students to avoiding weighted bags as a laptop computer of 40GB hard can save millions of pages.

It has been seen to speak that technology has decreased the value of teachers but there is no reality in this saying in fact technology helps to teacher to deliver their best to students. There are many uneducated people around the world; it is responsibility of governments to provide education everyone with the use of technology. The proper use of technology in the field of education can provide confident and educated young ones and those ones will help their concerned countries to grow well and develop.

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