Imran Khan Wins the Case of Rigging in National Assembly 122

This is very important news for people who support Pakistan Tehrik-Insaf that the Chairman of PTI has won the case of rigging in National Constituency Assembly 122. The Honourable Justice Kazam Raza has declared rigging in election of National Assembly 122 and ordered for renew election in the area.

The General Election of Pakistan was held on 11th May, 2013. There was a great competition between Imran Khan (Chairman PTI) and Sardar Ayaz Sadiq (Member of Pakistan Muslim League-N) in Constituency National Assembly 122. There was a great hustle and bustle on day of election in NA-122. People fully supported to Imran Khan but in the end result was announced in the favour of Sardar Ayaz Sadiq. The record reveals that Sardar Ayaz Sadiq got 93362 votes in the area and Imran Khan was runner up as he gets totally 84417 votes. Thus, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq won the General Election 2013 in NA-122. The PML (N) elected Sardar Ayaz Sadiq as the Speaker of National Assembly.

Imran KhanPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and some other political parties in Pakistan were found to complain about rigging in General Election 2013. Especially Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was assured about rigging. They have filed cases in different courts against common rigging. The supports of PTI wanted resign from Prime Minister of Pakistan. The long March for this purpose was also held which continued for 126 days. They have been further demanded for renew of General Election in Pakistan because there were plenty of evidence in General Election 2013. The long march was then ended due to terrorist attack at Army Public School.

The Chairman PTI, Imran Khan was so conscious about the rigging in constituency National Assembly 122. He himself filed a case against rigging. Imran Khan and other party members had submitted proves and evidence regarding rigging in NA-122. The case of rigging was pending in the court for long time for want of justice.

Today, 22nd August, 2015, the Honourable Justice Kazam Raza declared Null & Void the General Election 2013 of constituency National Assembly 122. The court ordered to re-election in this area. Furthermore the judges gave right to Sarday Ayaz Sadiq to appeal in Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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