Information Technology & its progress in Pakistan

Information TechnologyIn last few years Information Technology has developed in Pakistan. In the field in Information Technology some names came out and are shining like stars. One of those in stars was Arfa Karim who shined and disappeared for forever somewhere. Now the students of Pakistan are showing deep interest to get professional and technical education. While getting education in any field i.e. Engineering, Medical, MBA etc. computer courses are considered compulsory for the purpose of having good and reasonable job in future. According to report percentage of jobs relating to I.T has increased more than 50% and now on the basis of computer courses reasonable and well-paid jobs available in Pakistan. There are three big cities in which information technology jobs are available, these are as follows:-

  • Lahore
  • Islamabad / Rawalpindi
  • & Karachi

This time these three cities are not only offering I.T jobs but also using Information Technologies in offices, factories etc. it has been observed the trend of people regarding I.T is found negative. But if we watch it with positively in the field of information technology after the death of Arfa Karim, the Chief Minister, Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has taken some excellent steps to developing Information Technology as he introduced Microsoft certified Professional Courses in Punjab, Lahore. Like this if we see I.T in Faisalabad we are hoping that this city will gain its name in information technology in future.

Moreover, Pakistan will be recognized highly in I.T. very soon, according to I.T expert. Like before India and as well as Chine have got their names at very good height in Information Technology. Accordingly, round about 11200 people are connected with Information Technology in Pakistan working at different institutions & Government is also increasing trend at good surface, and is taking new steps which is surely be appreciated.

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