Invention of Internet and Its Benefits to People

Invention of Internet and Its Benefits to PeopleThe world has become global village today due to the latest technology and internet. The telecommunication has made human’s life very easy, as the thousands of people around the world are connected using this technology. Every person has access to communicate even sitting miles away from each other. The Internet is another technology which is developing very rapidly in recent days.

The internet was invented on 29 October 1969; the invention of internet was purely for intelligence purposes but with the passage of time internet is started to use for sharing messages, data and many other things. In today’s era internet is considered the most important part of progress of any nation. The habit of book reading has almost finished, people prefer to get knowledge from internet instead of book reading. The is the reason now authors publish their books on internet also.  According to a survey it has come to know that over 30 million users are using internet worldwide and over 2 million people in Pakistan are using internet on different sources. Pakistan is on 8th position in Asia. One thousand and eight hundred cities are now has the facility of internet in Pakistan and this is continuously progressing. While China is on number 1, our neighbour India 2nd and Japan is on 3rd. Internet is playing vital role in the field of education. The study now has been made the student comfortable with the facilitation of internet.

The use of internet was considered a difficult task in recent years. But after the progression in internet like emailing, FTP, sharing, data and E-learning has made easiest for even non-technical person. Due the development of internet the students all around the world studying physics, engineering, business do share their knowledge any time they want. According to the expert the next step of internet is universal wireless access.  We can not only use internet to sharing message and data, in fact internet is the source where we get latest news all around the world. We just move our fingers on keyboard and all the information we get according to our requirements.

Due to the internet social media has also progressed; so many famous socials websites are available on internet like Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Google Plus, Digg etc. People on these social sites always remain with contact. Moreover, the internet has also become source of income, thousands of person are earning on internet in different ways.

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