Is Islam Against The Education Of Women

IS islam allow women to geting educationIs Islam against the education of women? Surely our answer will be in negative because it is against the teachings of Islam, Islam does not differentiate between woman and man. As the Holy Prophet (PBUH) made education compulsory not only for man but also for women.  Woman does not have respect in any other religion in the world as in Islam. An American woman who has been converted to Islam, when she was asked for changing her religion, she said Western man is very unjust he wants to see me in mini skirt while he himself is wearing hot dresses in very cold weather.

French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte said “give me education mother I will give you civilized nation”. There are some narrow minded people in Pakistan who don’t want to send girls for education. They have proclaimed the education of girls is banned. Many schools and colleges of girls have been destroyed by these kinds of people. Parents are not satisfied with the current situation, they are frightened, therefore are bound to stop their daughters for getting education. This situation is alarming not only for Pakistan but also the Muslim world. We have recent example of Malala Yousafzai, the brave Pakistani girl who didn’t surrender herself in front of terrorist and continued to get the study, one day she was going to school and targeted by terrorist. She was got serious injuries and doctors had to refer her in abroad for his proper treatment. Why terrorist targeted her? What was his fault? Is Islam against the education of woman? Pakistan is only country in world that provides equal opportunities to women to take part in election and presents the provincial or national assemblies.

We will also here discuss the Turkey’s example; to wear hijab was banned in Turkey, the girls who wear hijab were not allowed to go in schools, colleges and universities. As soon as the Islamic government took charge they gave relief to girls and removed the ban to wearing hijab because the parents were satisfied to send their girls educational institutions without hijab, this step was taken by the Government only for educate the girls of country. What kind of messages we are giving to western world? Western media is making negative propaganda against Muslim. Western media is presenting Muslim women imprisoned in their homes. The Muslim man and women will never support the independence which against the Islam and Quran. Islam is the world best religious that protect everyone but have drawn some limitations which ultimately are in the favour of human.

The Government and civil society should realize the important of education of woman, they are the part of country, they should be allowed to get education and make Pakistan progress and prosperous.

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