Jared James Abrahams Arrested Due to Threatening Cassidy Wolf the Miss Teen USA

Cassidy Wolf Miss Teen USAJared James Abrahams who is the student of Science residing in Temecula, California has now been arrested due to threatening Cassidy Wolf the Miss Teen USA. The 19 years old Jared James who has also been the classmate of Cassidy Wolf hijacked the webcams of Miss Teen USA when she turned on Friday’s show. Jared James theft the naked pictures and videos of Cassidy and was blackmailing her. Cassidy was really upset for this as Jared was asking her for illegal demands.
Finally Federal Board of Investing arrested the person who was disturbing the Miss Teen. Jared James admitted the allegations which were alleged against him. Moreover the agent Lewis of FBI said that some other persons are also involved in these kinds of activities and most of them are young ones.
On the other hand Cassidy Wolf is feeling relax due to arresting her blackmailer as she said I am glad to know about arrest of person who was creating problems for me. Moreover she said it is really bad to know that Jared is my schoolmate and causing tensions for me. Miss Teen of USA has mixes emotions while telling about Jared James.

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