Jeff Hanneman the Member of Heavy Metal Slayer Died

Jeff Hanneman the Member of Heavy Metal Slayer DiedThe Jeff Hanneman member of heavy metal slayer died on Thursday. He died due to failure of liver in California. He has already been found in the disease of skin tissue. Jeff was 49 years of age.

The Jeffrey John known as Jeff Hanneman was born on 31 January 1964 in Oakland, California.  Hanneman was an US Guitarist, moreover he has been the member of heavy metal’s slayer. Jeff went for audition for band in 1981 where he met with Kerry King. Jeff asked to Kerry King for launching their own band, Kerry King replied in positive, thus the new band was found in 1981 which is known as Slayer. Jeff has been serving this band for long time.

Jeff Hanneman also a music writer. He wrote many songs and got fame due to his brilliant writing not only in US but also in other countries. Seasons in Abyss, War Ensemble, Raining Blood, Angel of Death and Mandatory Suicide were the most popular songs of Jeff.

According to band Jeff was having trouble due to skin disease since 2011 and he was also not working well for band due to this problem. Jeff was admitted in hospital which was just away from his home. Unfortunately, Jeff could not survive and passed away on Thursday.

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