Jobs Opportunities in New TV Channel BOL 2018

Good news for the people who are unemployed and who are looking for better job placement in reputable organization, get ready because Pakistani electronic media is going to blast by launching TV channel with the name of BOL. There are many job placements in the TV channel almost for every taste of people. BOL is the biggest upcoming TV Channel which is going to be launched very soon. It will be a revolutionary step towards the progress of electronic media. It has been saying that the BOL TV channel will be most famous and popular news channel in forthcoming days because you will be able to find out news relating to every field of life such as domestic news, international news, entertainment news, sports news, digital media, print media (newspapers & Magazines) movies, theatre, radio and much more.

As per information released by the administration of BOL Channel more than 25,000 job opportunities would be offered to the people of Pakistan countrywide and worldwide. The Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh, CEO of the company has many plans to bring prosperity in the country and remove un-employment. One of the plans is to educate more than 10 million children of Pakistan without any cost.BOL TV Channel

 The detail of News job placements is as under:-

News jobs in BOL TV Channel

The detail of  Entertainment job placements is as under:

Entertainment Jobs in BOL TV Channel

Career, Growth &s Development in BOL TV Channel:

  • A Well-defined and structured Career Path.
  • International and national placement opportunities.
  • Unlimited growth opportunities.
  • Be part of a dynamic seam led by media gurus.
  • In-house and international certified training programs.
  • On-job automated training program.
  • State of The Art onsite training facility with a capacity to accommodate more than 100 employees at a time. Equipped with Projection Screens, Video Conferencing.

Cash Packages & Benefits at BOL TV Channel:

  • Highest Salaries for above the industry average.
  • Bonus of upto 4 gross salaries, provident funds and EOBI.
  • Transport with air-conditioned & Wi-Fi equipped pick and drop vans to brand new company maintained Mercedes-Benz Car.
  • Complete healthcare for self, spouse, kids and parents.
  • Interest free loans for house & genset.
  • Life insurance coverage that entitles your dependents to receive 100% of your monthly package for life in case any unfortunate incident happens to you.
  • 34 days leave encashment & paid vacations.
  • Scholarship for children’s education.
  • Provision of domestic servants.

These were the details which will be offered by the BOL TV Channels to all the employees working under the supervisions. Excellent salary will be offered by the company with exceptional fringe benefits, children educational scholarship, life insurance, tremendous pick & drop services and much more. So if you are willing to be the part of record breaking upcoming popular media group than don’t waste even a minute to join it.

How to Apply to BOL TV Channel:

Pakistani people have known about BOL TV Channel through online and offline advertisements and want to be the part of company but are desperate to know how to apply however, we have given solution here. You can submit application directly to email address given below or you can also submit online application forms. The easiest way to submit your application is online procedure which takes about 05 minutes. Furthermore if you have any question in your mind please ask in comments we will guide you with every possible way because our representatives are always remain in touch with recruitment staff of BOL TV Channel.

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