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Introduction to Khana Kaba:
Khana Kaba is Holly place for Muslims. It is also called Baitullah Sharif (House of Allah), Masjid Al Haram, Qibla and Haram Sharif. Khana Kaba is located in Mecca which is the most important city of Saudi Arabia. The Muslims of the all the world bow in front of Khana Kaba to perform prayers and it doesn’t matter where they are in the world. Islam has Five Pillars and one of them is to perform Hajj in the Month of Zil Hajj. It has been made compulsory by Holy Prophet (PBUH) to perform Hajj to every Muslim at least once in life if he is able. Khana Kaba is being washed with the water of Zamzam twice in a year and the ceremony of washing is called cleaning of Kaba. Few religious personalities are being invited for the ceremony of cleaning Kaba. Khana Kaba is discussed in the Holy Quran in many places. Ghost has been seen in Mecca  Click Here to Watch.

Khana Kaba Beautiful Wallpapers for Free Download:
This post is published especially for providing the beautiful wallpapers of Khana Kaba for free downloads. This article contains beautiful pictures, images and gorgeous wallpapers of Khana Kaba Sharif. The beautiful wallpapers of Khana Kaba are capable to use for your personal desktop computers and laptops. Moreover these wallpapers can also be used for mobile phones to make the screen stunning and you know what? Beautiful wallpapers of Khana Kaba can be free downloaded here………………………………..

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