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Khana Kaba is the holiest, favorite, beloved and heart loving place for Muslims. It is the Qibla for Muslims or in other words it is the focus point for prayer therefore, people respect the Khana Kaba from the core of heart because they bow it across the world. Moreover, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) delivered the message of Allah Almighty to offer prayers in front of Kaba. It is also called house of Allah Almighty. It is covered with black curtains around it which is having text embroidered on them and a stone of Jannah is associated with it which is also called Hajar-al-Aswad. It was first time constructed by Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) who was the messenger of Allah Almighty. It is situated in the center of Masjid-Al-Haram and this is the largest mosque for Muslims in the world. Muslims around the world come here to perform the religious obligation that is called Hajj. The purpose of writing this post is to provide the latest pictures, wallpapers, images and photos of Khana Kaba but before providing you the Khana Kaba Images free download I feel essential to detail about the history of it.

History of Khana Kaba:

Khana Kaba has brief history. The historians and scholars say that Khana Kaba has been reconstructed between 05 to 12 times and first time constructed by the Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) with the orders of Allah Almighty and then changes in designs have been made with time. It was in the custody of non-believers as they worshiped statues kept inside but when Muslims conquered Makkah from Jews the Holy Prophet (PBUH) cleaned the Kaba with the help of Hazrat Ali (A.S) from statues.
10The Kaba was damaged due to heavy rains in the era of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and which was repaired/reconstructed by Quraish’s four tribes. Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself participated during the reconstruction. In early times Masjid Al Haram was constructed on small area but with the passage of time the area of mosque has continuously been extended.

Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi who was the president of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) had blessed a chance to enter in the Kaba Sharif in 1998. He says that there are 02 pillars inside the Kaba, a table, two lantern-type lamps and around 50 persons can be accommodated with ease but at present the technology has developed enough therefore the video of inside Kaba can be found easily on internet. We have also provided the latest video inside the Khana Kaba is under:-

The building is washed out with Zam Zam water twice a year. The ceremony of washing Khana Kaba is called “the Cleaning of the Khana Kaba”. Once it is cleaned before start of Holy month Ramzan and second before start of the month of Zil-Hajj. The keys of the Kaba are kept by Bani Shayba Tribe. Dignitaries across the world are being invited to participate in the ceremony of cleaning Khana Kaba. Taif resewater and expensive Oud oil is also being used during the cleaning.

New Construction Plan for Khana Kaba:

ATKINS has been given the opportunity to participate in most prestigious design for expansion of Masjid Al Haram. Everyday 1.5 million people turn to watch the Holy city and focus their prayers in the Haram mosque and the Kaba.  It is a great challenge for the govt. of Saudi Arabia to manage the numbers of people in the city and as well as in Masjid-Al-Haram. The government of Saudi Arab has taken challenged & acquired designs and plan for expansions form largest constructions companies. In new designs the look of Khana Kaba will be changed almost completely but it will be assured that if a huge amount of people turn to Mosque they would feel comfortable to perform prayers, Umrah and as well Hajj. The project of expansion of Majid-Al-Haram will be completed approximately in the year of 2020.

Khana Kaba HD Wallpapers Free Download:

We have written this post for the purpose of providing you the latest images of Khana Kaba Sharif. People have been found to wonder for beautiful and pictures and images of Khana Kaba but we have given complete solution here because this post contains, beautiful wallpapers of Khana Kaba, HD Wallpapers of Khana Kaba, latest pictures of Khana Kaba and HD Wallpapers for desktop. The HD Wallpapers of Khana Kaba can free download at any time for laptop, computers and as well as smartphones.


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