LESCO Electricity Bill | LESCO Online Bill | LESCO Duplicate Bill

LESCO is the abbreviation of Lahore Electricity Supply Company which is responsible to supply the electricity to Pakistan’s second largest city Lahore. LESCO basically is sub office of WAPDA and WAPDA Stands for Water & Power Development Authority Pakistan which was established after 11 year of independence of Pakistan in 1958. There was no proper department to handle to electricity in the country that is why it was established. The facility of online Lesco bill and duplicate lesco bill was started to serve the nation. The system of providing electricity bill was not properly organized therefore the technical team of WAPDA has introduced new software on official website. Sometime it has been noticed that bill distributor do not through the bill at residence so the customer get worried but now there is no need to worry as far as concerned to Bill because Lesco has started to provide online bill. We decided to write for the purpose of LESCO Electricity Bill | LESCO Online Bill | LESCO Duplicate Bill.

LESCO Duplicate Bill:

Lesco duplicate bill

This post as titled LESCO Electricity Bill, LESCO Online Bill, LESCO Duplicate Bill was only written to provide online bill to the customers of Lahore Electricity Supply Company. Before LESCO WAPDA was provided electricity to Lahore city but with the passage of time the population of Lahore city has been increasing and increase of population brought numerous new towns and houses and thus the requirement of electricity was being enhanced. LESCO Electricity bill can be obtained here you just need to enter your reference number and can get electricity bill. To manage and supply the electricity properly and making sure the availability of electric the LESCO formed. Since then LESCO is serving the people of Lahore to provide electricity.

LESCO Electricity and LESCO Online Bill:

It has been seen that some of time people of Lahore under the supervision of LESCO are complaining about not to receive electricity bill. We have come to know that electricity bill are being thrown in the concerned houses even after due dates so in that case people might have to pay late pay charges. So keeping in view about the complains regarding electricity bill LESCO initiated online bill giving service. Due to the online bill providing services has made easy for the customers because now they can download the copy of your electricity bill online and can pay in banks or other sources. You can get LESCO Bill online on this webpage as you just need to click here.

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