Make Money Online With Google Adsense 2018

Today everyone is interesting to earn online but there are many people who are making fool those who want to earn online. Some elements are cheating innocent people giving greed of making so much money on internet. You should have good awareness and search the people who can help you properly about earning online. We are going to tell you a proper and legal way to earn online with Google.

What is Google!

Google is a common search engine where people get information according to their requirements from all over the world. You can access websites freely with the help of Google. There are many search engines are available on internet but Google has been best search engine over the years. Google provides almost all kind of information as desired by the users.

What is Google Adsense!

Although Google is a search engine but there are also many others benefits of Google. Google Adsense is a program where you can earn a handsome amount. Google Adsense provides advertisement of companies to popular websites and these advertisements are posted on websites. Whenever visitors click on advertisement, Google pays for it to the owner of website. Handsome money can be earned if you have quality and popular website. But to earn online is never an easy task if you want to earn online with the help of Google Adsense you will have to work hard day and night because there is no shortcut to earn online. If you are committed to earn online you don’t need to worry at all just keep doing hard work you will be succeed one day.Make Money Online With Google Adsense

Requirement for Google Adsense Account!

It was really easy to get Google Adsense account few years ago but now you will have to struggle to get Adsense account. Google Adsense account is issued free of cost but there are some rules set by Google which will have to follow by any means. Here are mentioned some rules for get Google Adsense account:-

  • The first condition is that you should have Domain Name registered to your name. In back Google Adsense account could get on free domain name but according to new policies of Google domain name should be registered on your name. Your domain name should be short, attracted and related to your contents.
  • Google Adsense account will be issued to at least 06 months old blog or website.
  • Your domain name should be standard and Word Press is great platform for this because Word Press has the quality of friendly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which helps to promote the website quickly and brings high traffic on site. To register your website or blog go this link
  • The language of your website or blog should be English or others languages that Google supports.
  • Your contents should be original because data copied from other websites is against the policy of Google Adsense therefore it is recommended to select the topic in which you have full command.
  • Good traffic should come to your site or blog through Google search engine.

If you have fulfilled all the above requirements go for Google Adsense account and start to earn. Although it is difficult task for beginners because you will have to work very hard but once you succeed you will be able to earn good money legally for livelihood.


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