Michelle Obama Ordered to Prepare Divorce Documents

The first lady of America Michelle Obama has ordered to prepare the divorce documents. According to media Michelle still determined to his decision about divorce therefore the relation Michelle Obama Ordered to Prepare Divorce Documentsbetween Michelle and President Obama is expected to break soon.

When the lawyer of Michelle was asked about this news he confirmed. Moreover the lawyer said that Michelle might be travelled to Chicago after divorce with the President Obama and his all daughters will go with her.

It is expecting the 21 years old marriage relationship of Michelle and Barack Obama will be ended as soon as the tenure of president of USA ends. There are two children of Obama and both are daughters one is Malia 13 years old and other is Sasha who is 9 years old.

When media contacted to Whitehouse the official once again denied about on-going news of differences and as well as divorces between Obama and Michelle. And the President Obama has not said anything in this regard yet.  Remembered Michelle and Obama were married in 1992.

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