Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World 2018

4. Calgary, Canada:

Chicago, USA 7th Most Beautiful City in the World

Calgary is placed 4th in the list of top 10 most beautiful cities in the world. It is the city of Canada which was established in 1875. The population of Calgary is 1,149,655 according to recent census. Calgary has been found the cleanest city in the world. Calgary is located between the long mountains and Savanna of Canada. It is place which attracts largest amount of tourist every year because there are many tourists destinations are in Calgary. Moreover sewages, traffic and environmental system perhaps doesn’t match in the any other city of world.  The educational system in Calgary is also excellent and brings many students across the world.

5. Auckland, New Zealand:

Paris, France 2nd Most Beautiful City in the World

Auckland the city of New Zealand is declared the 5th most beautiful city in the world. It has much fame in New Zealand. The population of Auckland is 1,418, 333. There are many popular places in Auckland for tourists. It is one of the best places in the world to spend holidays. The people of Auckland have also been found so nice. Auckland is the city of having most numbers of educational institutions in New Zealand. There are many tourists’ places in the Auckland therefore plenty of people come in Auckland every year. The climate of Auckland remains neither very hot nor cold any time of year and the environment of Auckland is also very clean there is no concept of pollution in this city.

6. Minneapolis, USA:

Minneapolis, USA 6th Most Beautiful City in the World

Minneapolis is the largest city of USA and 6th most beautiful city in the world. The estimated population of Minneapolis is 393, 580 according to the survey which was taken in 2012. The city of Minneapolis was founded by the John H. Stevens and Franklin Steele. Minneapolis is situated at the side of Mississippi river. The population of Minneapolis is very large but despite of this the environment of this city is very clean. There are many attracted places in Minneapolis such as Walker Art Center, Guthrie Theater, Sculpture Garden, Mill City Museum and as well as Lake Calhoun. These are really beautiful places of Minneapolis therefore people love to stay here.

7. Chicago, USA:

Chicago, USA 7th Most Beautiful City in the World

Chicago is another most beautiful city in the world from United States of America which was founded in 1833. The population of Chicago is about 2,715,965. It is another most clean city in the world. There are many buildings in this city and every building is beautiful to each other because of excellent architect work. There are about 19 buildings in Chicago which has height of more than 200 meters and 03 amongst are 20 world tallest building in the world. Chicago is considered the hub of Baseball because many players of USA belong to Chicago. When you have to go in USA it is recommended you must visit Chicago to enjoy the beautiful views of Chicago.

 8. Bern, Switzerland:

Bern, Switzerland 8th Most Beautiful City in the World

Bern the city of Switzerland is the 8th most beautiful city in the world. Everyone knows about the natural beauty of Switzerland. Switzerland is perhaps only country in the world which Allah has blessed a lot and Bern city is also of them. According to the census of 2012 the population of Bern was 127,515. It is the small city in Switzerland but has many beautiful points or views. Bern city is completely covered with mountains and the weather of this beautiful city is usually remained cool. It is the place where great scientific Albert Einstein was born. The area which mostly tourist visit is Albert’s house.

9. Tokyo, Japan:

Tokyo, Japan, 9th Most Beautiful City in the World

Tokyo is placed in the list of top 10 most beautiful cities in the world. It is Asian city which is located in Japan. The population of Tokyo is very high as 13,186,533 (2011). During the war (1994 to 1945) the half of city was complete destroyed but later on it was re-established. It is also the city where many tall building are being found. Despite huge population, Tokyo, Japan is considered most beautiful and attracted city of the world. The build and as well as road structure has much charm and due to this it is 9th most beautiful city of the World. The buildings and malls give great sight in the night when lights are on. There are many islands in Tokyo and Japan is complete rely on Island for import and export.

10. Shanghai, China:

Shanghai, China 10th Most Beautiful City in the World

Shanghai is 10th most beautiful city in the world and largest city in China as concerned to population. The population of Shanghai is 23,720,111. China has developed a lot in recent few years and Shanghai city is playing main role for the progress of China because Shanghai is the hub of trade. Shanghai has large number of tallest buildings in the world and these buildings have been constructed with outstanding architecture work. Moreover there are many tourist points in Shanghai China that are being visited by many of tourists every year.


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