Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports in the World 2018

Here you can read in this article Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports in the World 2018 in details. In past people used horses to travel for their desired destinations but now changed has come in the field of transports due to latest technology. We have plenty of examples of latest technology in form of fastest computers, trains, luxury cars etc. but if talk about the transport than airplanes are the most fastest and comfortable sources of traveling in this modern age.  Airplanes have made the traveling enjoyable and fastest but to travel with plane is full of dangerous and the most difficult time is during the traveling with airplanes is taking off and landing. There are many dangerous airports have been constructed in the world but we have managed to share with you top 10 most dangerous airports in the world. Most dangerous airports are discussed below in detail:-

1. Gibraltar International Airport:

Gibraltar International Airport

Gibraltar International Airport is one of most dangerous airport in the world. Gibraltar International Airport was established in the 1939 since then extension has been made with the passage of time. It is located at British Territory of Gibraltar. There is a road between the runway of airplanes and this road leads towards the border of Spain. The road is kept closed during the time of landing and departure of airplane.  In the month of November 2003 a new route was declared from Gibraltar to Manchester but then this schedule was cancelled however in the 2008 the services of carrying passenger from Monarch to Manchester once again started.  Gibraltar International Airport is also being used by the people of Spain for traveling to Costa Del Sol to Campo De.

2. Madeira Airport Portugal:

Madeira Airport Portugal

Madeira Airport is located in Portugal which is internationally known as the Santa Catarina Airport. It has old history as it was established in the month of July 1964 and the first flight was departure of TAP airlines in which 80 passengers travelled. Time to time changes have been made as there was 1600 meter long runway at the start but now the land area of Airport is extended almost 2800 meter. It is constructed on Madeira Island although airport is located on sea side but engineers have done tremendous job. Despite all of this Madeira Airport is the second most dangerous airport in the world.

3. Tenzing Hillary Airport Nepal:

Tenzing Hillary Airport Nepal

Tenzing Hillary Airport is found in Nepal. The length of this airport is 460 meter and surface is made with asphalt. It was constructed between the hills and one of the biggest hills of the world known as Mount Everest is also near to it. Tenzing Hillary Airport is mainly used for helicopters and small airplanes. Two runways have been made in this airport as one is used for landing and other for departure. Many incidents have already been took place at this venue in which many deaths happened.

4. Toncontin International Airport Honduras:

Toncontin International Airport Honduras

Toncontin International Airport is the 4th most dangerous airport in the world which was constructed in Honduras. The length of Toncontin airport is 1005 meter. First time plane was landed in 192 and this airport is being used by the civilians and as well as army. The runway of Toncontin Airport is very short and also very near to hills therefore to land and departure on this land is never easy.

5. Barra International Airport Scotland:

Barra International Airport Scotland

Barra International Airport is located in Scotland which was opened for civilian use in 1936. It is another airport in top 10 most dangerous airport in the world that has constructed on island. Barra is one and only airport in the world in which beach is used as the runway for lands and departures.  The runway of Barra Airport is very tiny therefore only small aircrafts can be used this airport of landing.

6. Courchevel Airport France:

Courchevel Airport France

Courchevel Airport is found in Ski area which is covered by mountains. The length of Courchevel Airport is 525 meter and runway is made by asphalt. It is 6th most dangerous airport in the world as its runway is not straight in fact is there is slope. It is the reason only small airplanes and helicopter can use this airport.

7. Ice Runway Antarctica:

Ice Runway Antarctica

Ice Runway is the property of United States of America which is used for Antarctic program in the season of summer. There is ice on the runway and pilots say that the runway is very smooth but problems come on the time of stopping the airplane because it keeps run. There are two more airports near to Ice Runway Airport.

8. Gustaf III Airport:

Gustaf III Airport

Gustaf III Airport is also internationally popular as Saint Bathelemy. The runway of airport is far short therefore only small planes can land and departure from here. The plane of carrying 20 passengers is capable to use this airport. At the end of runway a beach starts therefore airport is ranked 8th dangerous airport in the world.

9. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport Saba Island:

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport Saba Island

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport is dangerous airport in the Netherland and 9th most dangerous in the world. The length of Juancho E. airport is 400 meters which is constructed to sea. There is huge area of hills one side of airport. It is dangerous enough that the government of Netherland has closed it for traffic.

10. Qamdo Bamda Airport Tibet China:

Qamdo Bamda Airport Tibet China

Qam Bamda Airport is the 10th most dangerous airport in the world and most dangerous in China. The length of Qamdo Bamda Airport is 4400 meter. Qamdo airport has the record poved runway which no other airport has in the world. It is 2.5 kilometer away from the mountains of Qamdo.

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