Negative, Positive & Excess use of Internet in Pakistan Especially in Teenage

negative postive of ITInternet is a latest technology in these days. You can bring revolution with positive use of it. In other way if this technology is used in negative means than this great invention can destroy the life of man like termites do with wood. But really unfortunately the use of internet in our beloved Country is negative more than positive. It is therefore, the ratio of crime on internet is increasing with the passage of time. The Government of Pakistan is not doing anything special to stop the cyber-crime which would be so much dangerous in future because we are already facing lots of problems to keep peace in our region. Prevention of Electronic Crime Bill 2006 was presented in the National Assembly but yet to be approved

It is normally said that if you want to target a country than spread sexual related data, as the nation of that country will destroy. There was a time when sexual or porn data was not available in our country easily. To get these kinds of data young people avoid to going in market and the same time shopkeepers were afraid to keeping this due to police. Now the time has changed net cafes are available in all over the Pakistan. Thousands of young boys & girls visit the porn websites. The facility of internet is available almost everywhere now, like in homes, schools, colleges etc. in these days porn websites have been liked most in Pakistan. In a survey it is noted that that Pakistan is Number Four country all over the world where porn sites are opened on daily basis.  You can imagine that these kinds of websites are inviting people from Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. that they make hidden camera movies and post them on blogs or upload on sites and get rewards in shape of dollars. These websites are totally depended on this business. There are number MMS Clips are available on these sites which are usually make by using hidden cameras. Some visitors may don’t know that there was a scandal in Rawalpindi, Pakistan recently. According to a report in a net café hidden cameras were installed in lights and more than 25 clips were made during young pairs visiting the porn website. Accordingly, a CD was made of these clips after that this CD was sold out of about 10 lac in Dubai & the copies of that CD was sold some others countries including Pakistan. It was also mentioned in this report that after searching victimized people, blackmailed them due to this three girls suicides, one was killed and two girls divorced. We don’t know that who did made this CD but we should at least say that the person who did all this is not able to call a human being.

We are here only for keeping our young generation away from these kinds of activities, we all as Muslims should avoid these kinds of acts as our religious does not allow us to do this. In the end I will pray that may Allah give us enough power to avoid from these kinds of sins. We need to know that western people are only doing this for destroy us we will have to boycott.

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