Newly IT Minister Anusha Rahman Warned To Block Google

Google Will Ban in Pakistan Anusah Raham

World famous search engine Google will be banned in Pakistan if problematic and data belonging to blasphemy will not remove from their video site you tube. This order passed by the newly IT Minister after taking the charge.

In reply to question about ban on you tube Anosha Reham said that we hope administration of Google will take interest to remove objectionable data on you tube.

Anosha Rehman said if Google will not take action than Pakistan will ban on Google also throughout the country because there are many others search engines are available on internet. You tube is already banned due to blasphemy film since long.

Moreover he said that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is an independence institution and this institution can take decision without any hesitation. Therefore it is requested to Google to remove such kind of data that hurt Muslim.

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