One Million US Unemployment Will Lose Financial Aid

Washington: About one million jobless people who were receiving the financial aid from American government will not take anymore.  The former President of America George Bush started a program to give financial assistance in 2008 for those who were unemployed. Many jobless people in America received 1166 Dollars. One Million US Unemployment Will Lose Financial AidAccording to the official of White House they said that millions of people across the country took benefits from this program but they think that the huge amount of 25 billion dollar is so expensive for this scheme.

Unemployment benefits program was being started by the George Bush in the year of 2008 in which financial assistant is given to the unemployed or job seeking people in the country. The main purpose of announcing this scheme was to help the people in their difficult time. But the opposition party in US is against the scheme according them amount is used in this scheme is too much.

As this scheme has been expired, however the US President Barack Obama hopeful to renew the scheme in the month of January. According to the media about 1.3 million people will end to receive financial assistant.

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