One Student Died in Purdue University Incident

One student in Purdue University has been confirmed dead due to shooting and one has arrested who probably the shooter. According to police 21 year old Andrew Boldt has died in shooting incident.

The incident was took place today as twenty three year old student whose name is Cody Cousins One Student in Died in Purdue University Incidentstudying engineering in Purdue University shoots and shooting Andrew Boldt was wounded seriously. The shooter after shooting ran outside the university but was being arrested by West Lafayette as Cousins surrendered. Incident was took place as students were busy to study in class rooms but due to incident classes were suspended. All the people students including teachers and admin staff were worried but as police cleared the area and said that there is no more ongoing threat in Purdue University.

As the shooter Cody Cousins is arrested and the investigation is going on but the facts are still hidden that why Cousins fired and killed 21 year old student in University. Cousins is being kept in Tippecanoe Court jail for the murder of killing a person.   The President of Purdue University was on trip but as soon as he came to know about shooting incident he cancelled the trip and visits the University.

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