Osama Bin Laden is Still Alive

Kuwait:  An analyst namely Abdullah Al Nafisi belonging to Kuwait said that the leader and mastermind of Al Qaida Organisation is still alive and in the custody of America. Abdullah said that Americans are making whole of world fool by saying that Osama has been killed.Osama Bin Laden is Still Alive

Abdullah Al Nafisi PHD degree holder who earned degree from Al-Nafisi Cambridge University and currently holding the position of professor in educational institution in Kuwait, moreover he is the most senior political leader in Kuwait.

Remember! According to U.S army they had operation on 2nd of May 2011 at night in which they said they have found Osama Bin Laden residing in Abbottabad the city of Pakistan. Osama was residing one of his wife but Central Intelligence Agency known as CIA somehow came to know and killed the Osama Bin Laden in operation. The same was confirmed by the Government of America.

On other hand Abdullah Al Nafisi says that Osama is still alive and in the custody of America as on the occasion of operation CIA kidnapped Osama instead of killing him. Moreover he said Americans spent millions of dollars to find the Osama then how can they kill him. Al-Qaida made by Osama Bin Laden has now demolished, he added. what you think about this statement leave comment.


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