Pakistan General Election 2013 and Suggestions for New Government

Pakistan General Election 2013 & Suggestion for Govt.

Pakistan general Election 2013 is going to be held in the month of May 2013. It has been saying that election in this time would be free and fair which has never happened in the history of Pakistan. First time ever the Election Commission of Pakistan seems like free or has not been pressurized by any institution or person.  The judicial of Pakistan is also working well by taking action against strong ones.

We observe the past many Governments came and gone but if we take views of the people, nation always criticizes every government. What is the reason behind it? Why we as nation never convinced with our own elected government? According to us the biggest and foremost reason is “Corruption”. So every government in 67 years of independence of Pakistan has been victimized in corruption. This is really alarming situation for us despite of this that we are the followed of our Beloved Muhammad (PBUH), we are well aware from civilization, we know all the teachings of Islam given by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Knowing these entire why we don’t follow the instructions of Islam as leaders? Why we always trying to find the mistakes of leaders or politician? This is need of time today that we should make new decisions for making Pakistan progress and prosperous. All the political parties which are going to take part in election should know the present and the past situation of country. They should come with a motive so that the problems of Pakistan may come to end. The party which will be elected should obey the constitution of Pakistan and implement to others. We only can bring reforms with the teachings of Muhammad (PBUH). It is really amazing that we follow the examples of leading developing countries but, we don’t see they are followed of Islam being a non-Muslim. The question is that if they being as non-Muslim are followed the teachings of Islam than why not us? The Prime Ministers, Ministers and the Presidents are living life with simplicity of developing countries. But our leaders spend too much. Our leaders when they come in power should consider themselves as a common man and should always be in between the public.

Our politician will have to pay tax.  They should give up the protocol. They should safeguard the people’s life, property and rights and should feel this as their responsibilities. The judicial should free. Young and educated people should represent the assemblies. Education should be common for every kind of people. People should be provided water, electricity, petrol, transport, residence, peace. A good and handsome salary should be given to educated and as well as low class people. Education should be free of cost for everyone. Importance should be given to educate the girls. Islamic culture should be promoted in schools, colleges and universities instead of promoting Western or Indian culture. The countries that don’t want to see Pakistan progressing should be treated as enemy and will have to make our defence strong. We should be ready for any kind of sacrifice for our beloved country. The corrupt people whether from govt. or from civil society should be arrested and should punishment them for making example for others.

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