Pakistan Suspends International Umpire Nadeem Ghauri and Anis-Ur-Rehman for 4 and 3 Years Respectively

Nadeem Ghuari has been suspended by PCB

In the month of October 2012 Indian media released news about Asian cricket officials belonging to Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka who performed their duties as umpires on the field that they have been involved in corruption including Pakistani Umpires Nadeem Ghauri and Anis-Ur-Rehman.

 In this regards Pakistan cricket board by taking notice was constituted a committee that will observe the case and will suggest the punishment for the umpires if they are found guilty. The committee perused the case with great interests and final report sent to the PCB.

Today 13th April, the officials of Pakistan Cricket Board announced the punishment for two Umpires as they were found involve in corruption and their services have been suspended they will not represent any international or national cricket match any more till the punishment. Nadeem Ghauri will not be considered for 4 years and Anis-Ur-Rehman for 3 years.

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