Pakistan Tehreek Insaf And Election 2013

PTI Hope for Pakistan-2

So many names came in the history of cricket who got so much fame and gave excellent entertainment to viewers. But some names are continuing becoming popular even after their retirement from cricket. If we prepare the list such kinds of players then we will find Imran Khan at the top. Imran Khan has been successful captain and the greatest all-rounder in the history of cricket. Imran was a determined and hardworking captain, he was brave warrior. Pakistan first time in the history of cricket won the ICC World Cup under the supervision of Imran Khan as Captain. During the world cup 1992 he led the whole team beautifully and fight for the reward. Finally with the help of Allah Almighty and the prayers of people Pakistan won the world title by beating England in Australia.

As soon as Pakistan won the world cup Imran Khan announced his retirement from the cricket for forever. Every eye was tearful on his retirement because thousands of people loved him not only from Pakistan but all over the world. After the retirement he started to participate in social work. Later on he established first ever cancer hospital in Pakistan and the treatment of poor was started free of cost and this work is continued till today. Moreover, he made a foundation for helping the victimized people all over the country, this foundation helped the people in really difficult time when earthquake came in 2005. When Imran Khan observed the situation of Pakistan and watched the bad political leadership he decided to announce the new political party for the prosperity of Pakistan and for its people.

Imran Khan selected the party named as “Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf” and the main purpose of establishing this party was to bring prosperity in the country, education for all, free and fair judicial, progressing Pakistan, vanishing the problems of Pakistan.

PTI Hope for Pakistan-1

Imran Khan’s Party Pakistan Tehreek Insaf boycotted general election in Musharraf era. Because according to the Imran Khan, Musharraf mis-conducted the constitution of Pakistan and illegally tried to remove the supreme judges. Imran Khan refused to Musharraf for becoming his slave and boycotted the election for interest of Pakistan.  The decision made by Imran Khan not to take part in election was absolutely right because after coming in power Musharraf made Pakistan worthless.

 Today, we are facing so many problems only because of Musharraf’s unlawful and illegally decisions which he made during his government. Today we are having so many crises in our country; we do not have electricity, gas, water, quality education, bad governors, and critical security situation. Pakistan People Party with coalition of PML-N has almost destroyed the Pakistan; the economy of Pakistan is decreasing with the passage of time continuously, unemployment is everywhere, there is no peace in our beloved Pakistan, people are suffering. Despite this entire, still PPP, PML-N and MQM asking for votes from people, what they have done in five years of government? We have great and brave army in the world, we have latest technology weapons but still American attack us with drones? Why our innocence people are being killed with drones?

We think one chance should be given to Imran Khan; he is the person who denied the offer of Prime Minster in 2002 just for people of Pakistan. We at least should examine the new party in our country. Imran Khan promised to Pakistani people to bring prosperity in the country. He is the hope of Pakistan, because he is not only leader but he is also the hero of Pakistan. In the General Election 2013 we should go with Imran Khan.  Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and Election in 2013 can bring change in Pakistan.

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