PMA 139 Long Courses Online Registration 2018

Welcome to our website. We are going to intimate people who are willing to join Pakistan army. Opportunities are often being offered by Pakistan army for Pakistani nationalists time to time to serve the nation with their abilities and skills. Now you can join Pakistan army as Commissioned Officer through 139 PMA Long Courses. The registration for 130 PMA long courses is now opened. The duration of the course is 02 years. The students who have completed their 12 years of education or 14 years of education from recognized educational institutions in the country are recommended to apply.

Pakistan army is one of the most leading, population and respected institutions in the Country. There are great benefits to work with the army such as handsome salaries alongwith other spectacular fringe benefits are being offered. Army of Pakistan is relevantly known as best and brave army across the world. It has won plenty of awards during competitions held at international level. It is equipped with modern warfare sprit and latest technology alongwith exceptional common and nuclear weapons. It is always ready to cater services in every form, such as army is always ready to defense whenever or wherever security threats are found in or at boundary lines of the country. Furthermore any alarming situation in the country such as flood disaster and earthquake, you will find army serving the people of Pakistan.

Who can apply:-

As we have already mentioned above that the admissions are now opened for PMA Long Course.jobbs People want to know that who can apply for registration of this course, are hereby provided information that the students who have completed their 12 years of education (FA, FCS, ICS & Arts) are encouraged to apply. The students who have also earned bachelor degrees (BA, BSC, B.Com & BCS) are also welcomed by the Army. However, it is pertinent to intimate here that the students who scored less than 60% marks in any certificate or degree are not eligible to apply, therefore, don’t waste your time because applications not fulfilling criteria will be rejected forthwith. It is also stated that this course is available only for Pakistani nationalist male gender, female are prohibited to apply for registration.

Procedure of Selection:-

There are few steps for selection of students for 139 PMA Long Courses 2016. There is no recommendation or reference is being accepted by the army to provide opportunity to serve the nation, because army is most respected institutions in the country. The civilized, well-educated, honest and hardworking people have administrative control to run and manage it. The selections are being made purely on merit basis. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to apply, if you are really committed to join army. The steps have been given below:-

  • Online and Offline Registration at AS & RC through official job portal.
  • Test of intelligence and academic will be taken.
  • Medical examination will be conducted of student.
  • Interview at AS & RC will be conducted of each candidate.
  • Call letter will be issued for ISSB (139 PMA Long Courses).
  • Interview and test by ISSB.
  • After that candidate fulfilling all criteria will be selected purely on merit.

How to Apply:-

Pakistan army has launched website to facilitate the candidate who want to join army. Therefore, no need to go anywhere; you just need to visit the official website of the army. The official website of army is given as  However, in case you have not access over internet then you might have to visit AS & RC of army located at Faisalabad, Pano Aqil, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta Gilgit and Multan.

Advertisement & Last Date of Registration:-

The ad for advertisement was published in different public newspapers of the country. Last date for submission and registration for online subject course is 13th November, 2016. Click here for Advertisement:-

armyThis was all about PMA 139 Long Courses Advertisement, Eligibility & Online Registration. If you have any question in your mind please leave message for further assistance.



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