President Obama May Go to Prison

Washington: The President of United States of America may go to prison as case of reconnaissance has been registered against Obama, member of American Parliament claimed.

According to US daily newspaper Rand Poll who is member of President Obama May Go to PrisonUS Parliament assembly member said in press conference that case has registered for monitoring the national security institute. Moreover Rand Poll said that he and his companion hopeful that this matter will be discussed in the Supreme Court of America. The other person which have been found involved in this case are Directors of National Intelligence and NSA. The names of director are James Clapper and Kathy Alexander respectively.

Rand further added that the people have founded anger on Obama to have record of their telephonic conversation. There is no evidence that terror activities are stopped due to spying. The department of Justice said that 15 Judges have already given decision against the subject matter that spying is according to constitution therefore no need to danger but if case goes against the President then Obama have to be prisoned.

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