President Obama met with Dalai Lama Despite Chinese’s Warning

American President Barack Obama had meeting with Dalai Lama in white house despite of strong warning of China. The government of China stressed hard to cancel the meeting with Tibetan leader Dalai Lama because this can disturb the relationships between United States of America and China but President Obama ignoring all the objections of China met with Dalai Lama.

The government of China blamed that Dalai is a separatist kind of person but Dalai strongly refused to accept this allegation and said that he is only advocate, autonomy for Tibet and well-wisher for the people of Tibet. During the meeting between Obama and Dalai it was hoped that talks between Beijing and Tibetan should be continued because it is need of President Obama met with Dalai Lama Despite Chinese’s Warningtime.

The Chinese vice foreign Minister Zhang Yesui protest against Americans. Moreover the sources of White House said that Obama is not going to support Dalai to separate Tibetan from China.

When media asked from the sources of White House about this meeting and reaction from Chinese end, they said that US have good relationship with China and it is our ambition to continue good relations because of solving region’s problems. While on other side a great reaction is coming out from China as they feel American have made wrong move by meeting with Dalai.

Obama and Dalai Lama can been seen in pictures issued by the White House in which it is cleared that the meeting was held. According to media Dalai will stay in America at least for two weeks and it is also expected that there might be another meeting is expected to held between Dalai and American officials.

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