Problems and Solutions of Higher Education in Pakistan

Problems and Solutions of Higher Education in Pakistan

Higher Education means education after school and college. There are numerous best universities in Pakistan that offer higher level education ever year but despite all of this we are way behind from the world as concerned to education. 63 years of independence has been past but we are not able to find the right way of giving quality education. One of the major problem of higher education in Pakistan is our political leaders that are not well educated. Education system in Pakistan is not good as it should be in this latest technology of world therefore it is the reason plenty of Pakistani students are getting education in foreign developed countries. After the creation of Higher Education Commission in Pakistan the standard of education developed as compare to the past. Higher Education Commission which is also known as HEC is playing vital role for the development of higher education. There are many factors responsible for problems of higher education in Pakistan and some foremost problems are discussed below:-

Academic Problems:

All know very well that resources regarding education are not enough in Pakistan but the problem is that we are not taking benefits of available resources in other words resources are not being utilized properly due to lack of unskilled, dishonest and less educated administration. The education in Pakistan has been distributed into different level and equality. Education is different for poor ones and different for richer ones. There is no proper monitoring system in Pakistan to control the education system numerous educational institutions and universities opened now but the standard of education is not good at all.

Management Problems:
One of the major responsible factor of problems of higher education in Pakistan is management. Management has been biggest problem of Pakistan since independence. Even our political leaders are less educated so they have no idea how to manage the systems. Unskilled and inexperience staff is being recruited by avoiding the merit so how can a inexperience and unskilled man can run system properly.

Education Funding:

In developed countries most of the part of financial budget is spent on education but it doesn’t happen in Pakistan. Ever year the field of education is being avoided there is no enough finance to insist the education system and Pakistan is not receiving foreign aid for improvement of education.


Employment is also the leading issue of Pakistan which causes problems for higher education. Students join business and due to non-availability of job opportunities leaving their study incomplete as they think they don’t have scope and good earning places in multinational and government companies.

Inexpert Teachers:

The teachers and lecturers teaching colleges and universities are educated but they don’t have experience and skills at the start of their professional career. It is little bit easy to get job in educational institutions in Pakistan therefore every educated youngster would love to join teaching field despite lack of interest and experience.

Poverty Problems:

Pakistan is not the countries of living rich peoples, the poverty rate is Pakistan is very high so it is also the cause and one of the biggest problem of higher education in Pakistan because after the matriculation of intermediate education parents force their children to earn livelihood alongwith education and student cannot pay attention to study and finally they leave to study for earnings.

Social Problems:

There is no moral training is being given to the staff and students in higher education department and as well as in institutions. People in Pakistan are promoting western culture thus the culture of Pakistan and Islam is going to be finished.

Solutions of Higher Educational Problems in Pakistan:

First of all it is the responsibility of government of Pakistan to think something out of box for development of higher education. Education needs proper guidance and financial assistance. Government should open trainee institutions in which training will be given to the teachers and professors.  A good part of financial budget should be spent on education because it is education that makes country develop. Education should be the same for every taste of people. These were all the major problems of Higher Education in Pakistan and even we cannot compare our educational system to undeveloped countries due to fewer standards. If we want the solution of higher educational problems in Pakistan will have to do some something ourselves.


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