PTCL Smart TV for DSL Broadband

PTCL brought highly attractive offer for its customers in shape of Smart TV. Yes! The services of Smart TV for DSL Broadband are now available in 150 cities nationwide at the present. However PTCL are planning to expand this product in every corner of the country. Now you can watch HD channels in very incomparable prices. It has seriously been concerned that people are having problems regarding information about this matchless officers. Customers are willing to know about Smart TV Monthly Charges, PTCL Smart TV Channel List, Advantages & Disadvantages of PTCL Smart TV, PTCL Smart TV App for PC and PTCL Smart TV App for Android. All questions in your mind have been answered here.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company formally known as PTCL is the leading telecommunication authority in Pakistan.  It was founded after the day of independence. It provides the services to the people of Pakistan such as telephone, wired and wireless internet. It has been the backbone for telecommunication infrastructure in the country. Plenty of other telecommunication corporation has routed in Pakistan but despite of this the services of PTCL have been splendid. People were left to use the services of telephone due to rapidly growing the use of mobile phones. However, the services speedy internet has boosted it. The products of EVO 3G, EVO Wingle, EVO Nitrate are in common use of people.


PTCL Smart TV Packages:

Pakistan Telecommunication Company is providing High Quality TV channels. The quality of channels provided by cable operators is less standard therefore people are quickly moving towards PTCL Smart TV. It provides uninterrupted services. The product of Smart TV has been categorized in 03 packages such as PTCL Smart TV, Standalone Smart TV and Smart Pack which have been discussed in detail as under:-

PTCL Smart TV:

It is pioneer IPTV service of Pakistan which offers to viewers HD channels with the exceptional features. The features provided in this package are informative which entertains the customers. 140 + channels of high quality screen are the important part of this package. The services charges of this package are 449 per month. Furthermore the advantages of this product have been given as below:-

  • DVD quality documentaries, drams serials and HD movies.
  • More than 140 channels.
  • Catch up TV
  • Ability of recording.
  • Facility of play back and rewind live TV Channel as required.
  • Facility of locking unwanted Channels.
  • Mark, Select & Search your favorite programs / channels.
  • HD Quality audio and video.
  • Uninterrupted services.
  • The package price is 449.

Smart TV on Its Own:

It is another astonishing package which allows customers to enjoy TV services without the need of paying extra charges for Broadband. The package name is Smart TV on Its Own which has amazing features. The price of this package is very much affordable and cheap. You can also call unlimited calls from PTCL to PTCL and those who are using Vfone.  The service charges of this package are 699 per month however STB and VOD charges are same as of normal smart TV. The characteristic of the services are mentioned herewith:-

  • 150 + HD quality channels.
  • Unlimited PTCL to PTCL & vfone calls.
  • STB & VOD charges are same as normal Smart TV.
  • Digital quality uninterrupted TV.
  • Package charges are 699.

Smart Pack for EVO Wireless Broadband:

PTCL has introduced one more product whose name is Smart TV EVO applications. This application works on laptops/computers/Personal Computers. It provides great look to laptop’s screen. It is exceptional product can also be used in offices and working places. This package has special features to watch the program even after 07 days. Program can also be recorded on your laptop / computers and can watch later on availability of time. The services charges of this package are reasonable. This is tremendous Smart TV package having following features:-

  • Facility of TV channels on laptops / computers.
  • High Definition Channels.
  • Recording of live programs.
  • Facility of program to be saved on the hard-disk.
  • Re-run Features.
  • Services Charges are 749 per month.

PTCL Smart TV Monthly Charges:

We pay much for low-standard channels provided by Cable. However, rates of smart TV packages by Pakistan Telecommunication Company are lower compare to others but services are remarkable. The service charges are different for each package which have been given as:-

PTCL Smart TV Monthly ChargesPTCL Smart TV Channel List:

PTCL provides variety of High Quality channels. It is the world of entertainment and best place to teach your children with good Pakistan channels. The list of Channels is depicted below:-

List of PTCL Smart TV Channels

PTCL Smart TV App:

PTCL has provided smart TV application for laptops, computers and PCs. Furthermore, it was the need of time to design app for android smartphones, and as well as Iphone. The PTCL Smart TV application has been provided for valuable customers of Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation. The PTCL smart TV app can be downloaded from internet and the installation of the app is very much easy as 123. To facilitate our visitors at we have provided app / PTCL smart TV software.

Click here to Download PTCL Smart TV App for Android
Click here to Download PTCL Smart TV App for Iphone
Click here to Download PTCL Smart TV Software for Laptop / Computer

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