Record Temperature in North America Due to Polar Vortex

The weather condition in the some part of America and Canada is really critical as the temperature of these areas is decreasing yet. To live in these areas has become almost impossible due to bad weather. According to media sources about 3000 flights were cancelled and it is saying that this will break the record of Polar Vortex.Record Temperatures in North America Due to Polar Vortex

On the morning of 21st January 1985 the temperature in the United States of America broke all the previous record as the temperature of America was reached to –51 Celsius. The half population of America was stuck in their houses and save places. The government authorities warned to people to say at their homes because the weather outside was really dangerous because of strong snow wind.

Now the weather condition is not very much different as it was in 1985. Schools, commercials areas and some government offices have been closed and people are restricted to their residents. More than 15 deaths have been registered due to storm in several North American’s areas. Flights have been postponed to unconfirmed dates. The areas which are affected more are as Winnipeg, Quebec, New York, Beatle, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angles, Dallas, Atlanta and Miami.

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