Richards Griffiths passes away today due to heart diseases

Richard passes away on 28-03-2013

Richards Griffiths one of the most shining star of the stage and Screen and having billions of fans due to his outstanding services in Hollywood Industry died today due to heart disease. He was 65 years of age.

 He was born in Yorkshire, England. His parent were found hardworking couple as her mother has been working as Bagger and as well as his father was steel worker. In the early of his age he tried to run away from his home plenty of times. He has been working as Porter and after that his boss sent back him to school at the age of 15 years. He worked in small theatres as actor or sometime as Manager. Moreover, he has also been working in Drama he rewarded Laurence Olivier Awards which was declared outstanding television drama.  When Griffiths graduated he earned fame on BBS Radio.

He will be remembered forever as Uncle Monty by His fans. Richard was a brilliant actor; he has great character the fans all over the world will be missing in great deal.


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