Rutgers Coach Mike Rice During Training Abused Players Physically and Verbally

Mike Rice fired due to video-e

The coach of Rutgers Mike Rice was born on 13th of February 1969 in Pennsylvania. He is son of ex-college basketball coach. Mike Rice got his earlier education at Boardman High School in Boardman; he played for Fordham University from 1988 to 1991 and remained captain of the team. In year 2007 he was appointed as the head coach of Robert Morris University in 2010 after that Rutgers University hired him as Head coach of Rutgers University’ team.

ESPN released the video in which Mike was abusing the team, Mike verbally and physical abused & kidding the team during training session. In reaction Mike Rice on Wednesday fired. Mike was already suspended in the month of December and he had to paid fine of $50,000 this was happened as the official of Athletic Department of Rutgers saw the video in which Mike abusing the players. Due to this multiple players are transferring to other schools.


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