Samina Baig First Pakistani Women to Climb the Mount Everest the Largest in World

Samina Baig First Pakistani Women to Climb the Mount EverestSamina Baig is the first Pakistani woman and the third Pakistani to climb the Mount Everest. Samina Baig the 22 years of age belonging to Pakistan is living in Hunza Valley, Gilgit –Baltistan, Pakistan. Samina is the student of Arts and she is a professional climber.

On Sunday 19 May, 2013 Samina Baig alongwith her Brother Mirza Ali climbed to the world largest mountain known as Mount Everest, the two Indians girls Tashi and Nugshi Malik also joined Samina in climbing the Everest. They were holding the national flags when they reached at their target point. The sources told that Samina did not use any supplementary oxygen while climbing to the Everest. The height of Everest is 8,848 (M) and is situated at Nepal. 

To climb the mountain like Mount Everest is never easy task. A one who has decided to scale the mountains has to be mentally and physically so strong because the climate at good height of a mountain is really dangerous for humans; it has to fight with the difficult environment to fulfill its goal.

Samina Baig is the brave Pakistani girl who has done a remarkable work for making Pakistan famous. While giving interview she said I am really happy and I will make many records for Pakistan and moreover she said we are proud to be a Pakistani.

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