Satya Nadella is the New Chairman of Microsoft Company

The Founder of Microsoft Company Bill Gates wants to serve the company as an advisor therefore Bill Gates recommended the Indian man Satya Nadella as Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. There is no alternative of Satya Nadella yet therefore it is the reason Company appointed himSatya Nadella is the New Chairman of Microsoft Company the CEO, world richest person Bill Gates Said.

Who is Satya?

Satya whose birth name is Nadella Satya Narayana is an Indian man was born on 1967 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Satya got early education from Hyderabad Public School and got BSC Degree from Manipal Institute of Technology.  Nadella then moved to America for study purposes and earned Master Degree in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin, Nadella was still hungry for education therefore he started Business study and got another Master Degree from University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Early Career of Satya Nadella:

In his early age he has been playing cricket as his hobby and according to Nadella he learned from cricket to become a team leader. He has passion to build new thing using computer technology.  Nadella has been working as Senior Vice President of Research and Development in Microsoft Company later on he become the President Sever & Tools due to his interests and business skills.

Satya as CEO of Microsoft:

Newspapers on 30th January 2014 wrote about the on-going discussion about new CEO of Microsoft Company. On 4th of February Nadella was announced as the Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest technology Company Microsoft. He was really happy due to his new post and said that Nadella will play a major role  to make company more batter. Satya Nadella is earning 7.6 Million US Dollar per month.

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