Separation Between Barack Obama and Michelle

The President of United States of America will be separated from his wife Michelle, British media claimed. Daily Mail which is a most famous newspaper in United Kingdom has said that due to differences between the president Obama and first lady Michelle the relationship have been broken.

21 years marriage relations between Obama and Michelle ended due to divorce but this matter was Separation Between Barack Obama and His Wifekept hidden. On last ceremony of Nelson Mandela media asked to capture the picture of Barack Obama and Michelle together but Michelle denied. Obama and Michelle are still living in White House but in separate rooms.

According to Daily Mail, Obama and Michelle are living in white house due to an compromise but as soon as the presidency period of Obama will end Obama will move to Hawaii and as well as Michelle to Washington with her daughters. Additionally it has also been said that Obama discussed this entire situation with his close friend but remember there is no confirmation from White House yet.

It has been said that Michelle was furious due to secret services. Moreover Michelle had seen Obama with a girl.  Michelle has planned to divorce therefore she is gathering her cloths and some personal things.

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