Shirley Temple Hollywood Child Star Passed Away at 85

The former Hollywood child star Shirley Temple has been died on Monday naturally in California. She had won the hearts of plenty of people across the world with her beautiful singing, dancing and as well as acting.

Shirley Temple Black whose birth name is Shirley Jane Temple was born on 23rd of April 1928 in California, America. She was one of the Shirley Temple Hollywood Child Star Passed Away at 85most popular and famous personality of US in the history of Hollywood film Industry. She has talent of acting, singing and dancing. Gertrude Amelia and George Francis were the parents of Temple. The mother of Temple was interesting to make her daughter dancer therefore she admitted her child in Meglin’s Dance School founded in Los Angeles. Temple worked in her first film ever when she was only 05 five years of age and with the passage of time she started singing and as well as acting.

In 1945 Temple was married to John Agar who was instructor in the US Army. The age of Temple at the time of marriage was only 17 later she has daughter but due to some domestic problem this marriage was not able to continue and finally in the year of 1950 they divorced. She has also been working in television and on that time was considered the best actress. Temple had to face the killing disease called cancer in 1972 and the tumor was detached. Due to her outstanding professional career she has been rewards plenty of awards and gifts.

Shirley Temple was not feeling well from last few days due to some diseases and age factor. On Monday the 10th of February 2014 was the last day of her life as Temple was died due to natural causes. The family of Temple was really in grief. On the death of Temple the Hollywood Child Star loving people of Temple were really sad to listen the news of death of legend Shirley Temple.

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