Simpsons Actress Marica Wallace Dies Due to Breast Cancer

Simpsons Actress Marica Wallace Dies Due to Breast CancerThe American famous actress and comedienne Marica Wallace has been passed away last night away from home. Marica Wallace was born on 1st of November 1942 in Los Angeles California. Her birth name was Marica Karen Wallace. Wallace travelled to New York after living some time in Los Angeles and graduated there.  Wallace got marriage with Dennis Hawley in May 1986. She was an great actress and has been the best comedienne during the working period. She has been doing well for making her viewers happier due to her comedy based acting.
Marica Wallace was suffering from breast cancer since 6 months back. The last few days of her life were really painful for her where she could not survived and died the family told. Wallace was died just before 7 days of her birthday. It was shocking news for her family and for her viewers. The people of America said it was really tremendous loss to Hollywood industry.

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