Sir Tom Finney Former Preston and England Winger Died

Sad news for football loving people as the legend of football history Sir Tom Finney the former Preston and England Winger has been died at the age of 91. He had not serious problem and doctors said that the death is natural.

Finney whose birth name was Sir Thomas Finney but he was known as Sir Tom Finney Former Preston and England Winger DiedSir Tom Finney in the world of football. Tom Finney was born on 5th of April 1922 in Preston England Finney was one of the most talented and hardworking found player of England. He was only five year of age when her mother died at the age of 32. The father of Finney was interesting to play his son football. Finney hot married with Elsie in 1945 and she has been her wife till the death as she was died in 2004.

Finney started to play professionally during the Second World War When he appeared in Southampton. He played football from 1942 to 1963 during this time period he was been greatest footballer for England. He was retired in the year of 1963 and then was appointed as the coach of England. Due his outclass performance he was called Preston and England Winger.

One of the last oldest international players Sir Tom Finney now has been died at the age of 91. He had not serious diseases therefore the doctors declared natural death of Finney. The football Association called him as one of the greatest player of England for all the time and the manger of Liverpool team Bill Shankly also praised Finney. Bobby Charlton said the role of Finney to making football team great was incalculable, he was remembered for long time in the heart of people of England.

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