Social Evils and Its Solution In Pakistan

It is said that man is born with a noble nature but with the passage of time he loses his nobility and becomes devil’s disciple. The question is what makes him lose his innate goodness. Usually we lay blame on circumstances. But is man the creature of circumstances or is it if he who creates circumstances. The fact is that Allah has placed both good and evil in man’s nature. Man is at liberty to opt for either of the two. Those who have firm belief in God do not tread upon the evil path. They face all the rigours of life with a smiling face believing that their goodness will certainly bear fruit in the life hereafter. Those whose faith in God is week and who want to enjoy all the luxuries and comforts of the life in this material world fall an easy prey to evil.

Unfortunately people belonging to the second category are in majority/ these are the people who prefer their own interest to the interests of their country, their neighbours and even their near and dear ones. Falsehood, narrow-mindedness, rudeness, corruption, dishonesty, nepotism, hoarding, smuggling, profiteering are some of the evils that these people use as their tools to gain worldly comforts.

Social Evils in Pakistan and It solutionAll these evils are prevalent in Pakistan also. These evils have seeped into the veins of our society. Mostly the people who claim to be the Muslims and talks mush about Islam and its teaching are prone to such evils. Almost in every field of life, be it education, medicine, business or government service, you will find majority of the people neglecting their duties, taking bribes, misusing funds, behaving rudely with  their colleagues and subordinates and wasting time in loose talk. Leg-putting and backbiting are their favourite hobbies. Similarly talking about wealth and women is their best pastime. Islam prohibits us from inflicting pain upon others. But this is what we all do for most of the time in our lives. We abuse our parents. We create difficulties for our neighbours. We neglect the rights of our servants. We hate hard work and want to accumulate heaps of money through dishonest means and shortcuts. It is because of these evils that even after sixty years of the creation of Pakistan we are backward nation. Sectarianism and terrorism are attacking the very survival of us as a Muslim nation.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was fully aware of all these social evils. In his speech to the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan, he mentioned all these evils one by one and stresses upon the need of uprooting them with an iron hand. We ignored his advice.  Today we have gained atomic power, but we have lost our moral and spiritual power. Our moral bankruptcy has brought us at a juncture where we can fall into the lap of either the Americans or the Indians. The so-called religious Talibans are making the job of our enemies easy.

If we want to avert this disaster we must follow the teachings of Islam “do good have good” should be the watchword of our life. God himself has said the He may forgive him who has ignored His rights but he who ignores the rights of other human beings will never be forgiven. All social evils, in one way or other, usurp the rights of the people and make this world a hell. Our “Namaz” and “Roza” please none but us only. But if we stop doing anything that may give pain to any other creature of God, we can please our Allah the Almighty and make this world an earthly paradise.

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