Social Networking Site Facebook Will be Finish Till 2018

One of the most famous Social website “Facebook” will be finished till 2018. According to the experts of Preston University of USA most popular social website will lost its 80% users in three years. The value of Facebook is decreasing day by day as other with good featured social website are developing.

Facebook is social networking website which was founded by Facebook Will be Finish Till 2017Cambridge Massachusetts in the month of February 2018.   The founder name of Facebook was Mark Zuckerberg and his classmate. The average income of Facebook is around about 5 billion US Dollars. The users of Facebook are in millions. Everyday millions of people around the world visit this social networking site.

Google which is the biggest search engine in the world of internet has showed that the search of Facebook is decreasing rapidly. It had record searches in the year of 2013 but since then users are living Facebook and taking interest towards other social networking websites such as Google Plus, Tumblr and others.

According to the experts the main reason of living Facebook by the users is the substandard privacy policy. Moreover they have predicted that more than 80% Facebook users will stop to use it. Remembered the same team was predicted about My-Space about its value decreasing in 2011 and these predictions were changed into reality.

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