State of Union 2014: Drone Attacks can Unsafe America, Obama

Washington:     The US President Barack Obama while addressing in State of Union 2014 said that the drone attacks are now been limited in affected countries because it has been observed that people around the world hate Americans due to drone attacks. Obama said we have to come Drone Attacks can Unsafe America, Barack Obamaout from wars and we are planning on it.

The long war in Afghanistan will be ended at the end of this year and American army will leave Afghanistan after handed over the control to Afghanistan security forces. Obama added that American army is only helping the Afghans to fight against the terrorism. The position of Al Qaida is not strong as it was in the past because we have destroyed their networks.

He said that we have almost destroyed Al Qaida with coalition countries but still work to be done. Therefore due to an agreement between America and Afghanistan some army person will stay in Afghanistan to train the Afghanis force. On the other hand he added that we will not send our army to unsafe places anywhere in the world because it causes to decrease the strength of America.

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