Study of Software Engineering Its Importance in Pakistan

Study of Software Engineering Its Importance in PakistanThe importance of education cannot be denied by any mean because education is the only solution of all kinds of problems. Many countries have been developed by making education common. It was the education taught by God the first every human on the earth. The education make effects on humans thus they civilize and prosperous the society and country.

This is the era of software engineering, in past parents had two options doctor or engineer for their children. But in recent time thinking of parents and as well as students have been changed. People are talking interests in different field of study. We will discuss here the importance of software engineering. It is the era of latest technology; technology has developed a lot in recent few years, software are developing with the passage of time and making life easy and peaceful and it is all of due to the importance becoming a software engineer. People have been aware of Software Engineering. It is considered that computer education is relating to software engineering education, but software engineering is complete different techniques where program languages are being studied and this is really tough ask. In some countries software engineering is consisted on the study of making software, making designs, troubleshooting networking problems and use of tools relating to software. But the study of software engineering are studying in developing countries like USA, UK, Australia and other European countries therefore it is the reason students from Asia travel to these countries for the purpose of getting the software engineering education.  The study of computer engineering

However, if we talk about software engineering in Pakistan we will be disappointed because Pakistan is way behind from in the field of information technology.  Many institutions in Pakistan are giving the education of software engineering such as B.S Engineering, A.M.I.E B. Tech B.S.C Technology etc. But the study of software engineering is not standardized and in other countries. This is the reason the software which are developed in Pakistan have no value in international markets. The people of Pakistan are highly talented but do not have the facilities of quality education. Our neighbour India and China has done much in this field and competing with European countries. The China which got independence after Pakistan is introducing technology international markets.

The students who complete their software engineering they are highly paid by multinational companies and also the government institutions. These people considered the backbone of a company due to their technical skills.

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