Taliban Criticise Peace Talks Delay

The peace talk with Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has been delayed due to the government of Pakistan and in reaction TTP criticised it. The meeting was planned in Islamabad (Capital City of Pakistan) regarding peace talks in which representatives from Pakistan GovernmentTaliban Criticise Peace Talks Delay and TTP were participating.

According to media sources the TTP claimed that Pakistani representative are not serious about talks therefore it has been delayed. The Prime Minister of Pakistan made the team for peaceful talking with TTP however it is saying that the reason of delaying peace talks is bomb blast. The incident of bomb blast is happened near to mosque in Peshawar in which 09 have been died and many are wounded.

The government of Pakistan is still hopeful to look forward about peace talks with TTP in future because government of Pakistan wants peace in country. There are many innocence people have been died due terror activities in last few years. Now it is time to have peaceful talks with TTP, Officials of Government said.

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