Top 5 Tallest Building in the World 2018

Human has made plenty of surprising things due to rapidly growing technology and now human starts talking to sky by making largest and tallest building in the world. Tallest buildings represent the thinking of humans.  In recent few years many tallest buildings have been constructed in the world and these sky talking building are having countless benefits. I have written this article about tallest building in the world by inspiring extraordinary work done engineers and personnel. We have brought information about 5 tallest building in the world that is as:

World Tallest Building Burj Khalifa:World Tallest Building Burj Khalifa

Burj Khlifa is the tallest building in the world which is also known as Burj Dubai. Burj Dubai is built in United Arab Emirates. The construction of Burj Dubai was started in the month of September 2004.  This building was being constructed by Samsung Engineering and Constructions Company. Adrian Smith was architecture and as well as Emaar Properties was the developers. Almost 1200 labours were working each day during the construction period of Burj Halifa.  It was opened for public after tremendous opening ceremony in 2013. There are 160 floors and 50 lift in the tallest building of the world. The height of Burj Dubai is 828 meter. There are large numbers of shops, apartments, swimming pools, offices and play land are being found in Burj Dubai.  There is a platform on the 126th floor for enjoying the beauty of nature. The total construction cost of Burj Dubai was 1.5 billion US Dollar.  It has been hub of trade and business activities since it established.

Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower 2nd Tallest Building in World:Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower

Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower is the second tallest building found in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This tower is also kwon as Abraj Al Bait Tower. It is constructed near to world largest mosque in the world Masjid Al Haram and Royal Hotel Clock Tower can easily be seen in the mosque. The construction of Abraj Al Bait Tower was started in 2004 and after the completion period of 8 years it was opened in 2012. There are 120 floors and the height of tower is 601 meter. There are plenty of hotels and apartments in the second tallest building of the world. The main reason of construction of Mecca Royal Hotel was to facilitate the people who come for performing religious obligations especially in the Holy month of Hajj. Large numbers of Muslim come to Mecca and love to stay in this building because it gives great view of Holly Khana Kaba. At the top of the tower a very huge clock has been placed. This building was constructed on 3,343,680 sq. ft. area.

One World Trade Center 3rd Tallest Building in the World:One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center whose second name is Freedom Tower was being constructed in the New York, America. It is the tallest building of the USA after World Trade Center which was destroyed due to terrorist attack in 2009. The construction of One World Trade Center was started in the month of April 2006. The Tishman Construction Company is doing the construction work. There are 104 floors and as well as 546.3 meter high it is. The building has been constructed but interior and exterior work is still in progress which is expected to be completed soon. The date of opening has yet no been shared by the official but it will be opened in the month of January 2014.

Taipei 101 4th tallest Building in the World:Taipei 101 4th tallest Building in the World

Taipei 101 is 4th tallest building in the world according to It is located in Taipei, China and was designed by the C.Y Lee and his partners. It was opened in 2004 and the height of Taipei is 509 meter. The construction cost of Taipei 101 was 2 billion US Dollars. There can be found luxury hotels, offices, conference rooms, clubs, excellent quality shopping malls and as well as restaurants. The amazing thing is that the colour of building is changed in the night. This building is able to bear massive earthquakes and strong winds.

Shanghai World Financial Center 5th Tallest Building in the World:Shanghai World Financial Center 5th Tallest Building in the World

Shanghai World Financial Center is another great and tallest building in the world which is constructed in China too. The construction of Shanghai World Financial Center was started in 1997 and was completed in 2008. It was publically opened 28th of August 2008. The Shanghai Center was designed by the Kohn Pedersen Fox that was American Architectural Company. The height of Shanghai Center is 495 meters and it has 101 floors. There have been found hotels, museums and huge numbers of offices which run their business throughout the world.     

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