Texas Teen Ethan Couch Sentenced 10 Years’ Probation Due to Driving Drunk

Teen Ethan Couch Sentenced

Ethan Couch has been given punishment of 10 years’ Probation due to driving drunk. The incident was took place last summer when four person were killed. The 16 years old Couch was driving a vehicle while drunken. Couch was driving a truck which was being loaded with his seven other colleagues and could not control it as it was collided with several vehicles and then lodged in tree.

In the assassination of persons such as Breanna Mitchel, Hollie, Shelby and as well as Brian Jennings.  There is relaxation for teenagers in the law therefore Couch have been given minimum punishment of 10 years’ probation, however he has stopped to live with his parents. The Defence Attorney said that Couch needs treatment not the imprisonment due underage.

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