The Responsibilities and Rights of Wife on Husband in Islam

The Responsibilities and Rights of Wife on Husband in Islam

Women have very high place in the society of Islam other than any religion of the world.  Before the advent of Islam women were treated very inhumanly, most of the girls were burnt or buried in their childhood. It is the religion Islam who has given protection, shares in inheritance, and highly status to women. Women has given the importance place in family as mother, sister, daughter as our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that paradise lies in the feet of your mother.
Now we come to my topic for which we are writing this article the topic is that the responsibilities and the rights of wife on husband in the great religion of Islam. Where Islam stresses to the right of woman as mother, sister and daughter also has given so much importance to woman as wife. Allah Almighty has made the relationship of wife and husband really beautiful but at the same time this relationship is very sensitive as only three words of divorce can break the relation at once.

Sacrifices of Wife:
Actually marriage is the name of sacrifices of a girl where she left her own home, her brothers, sisters, parents and devotes her whole life for her husband. It is certainly difficult for a girl to adopt strange environment and people of her husband’ family after marriage but Allah Almighty has given blessings in the relationship of wife and husband that help to make the relations strong, beautiful and peaceful among the two persons. With the passage of time this relationship gets enough strong that no one can break this relation, moreover husband and wife shares their worries and problems for resolving them sensibly. The relationship of husband and wife has great feelings if it is going well. Allah has mentioned in the Holly Quran that we have already made perfect match for everyone in others words Allah has made good women for good men, good men for good women and bad women for bad men, bad men for bad women.

Tragedy for Muslims and Husbands:
We are Muslims but the tragedy is that neither we are following the teachings of Islam nor we are trying to understand the Holy Quran. As we have mentioned above that how beautiful relationship is of husband and wife but this relationship gets worst situation sometime due to lack of awareness and ignorance. Most probably it happens when both wife and husband are not fulfilling their responsibilities as according the teachings of Islam and Quran. The purpose writing the article the responsibilities and rights of wife on husband in Islam is to create awareness among the husbands that how they are responsible by the Allah to fulfilling the rights of their wives.

Hadiths about the Rights of Wife:
As our holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) giving the importance to wives said that “O People your wives have rights over you and you have rights over them, you should be very kind to them, treat them well because they are your partners and helpers. In another Hadith the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said the best person among you is who is best for his wife. It is crystal clear from the sayings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) that the husband is responsible to give the importance to his wife, take care of her needs and protect her as at the Day of Judgment the husband would be asked about her wife. We have mentioned some importance rights of wife which should follow the husbands for the happy and joyful life.

First Right of Wife towards Husband:
The first right of husband is to marry the girl who follows the instructions of Islam and Quran so if she is the follower of Islam she will definitely give importance to her husband knowing this Allah has ordered to wife to respect her husband. In this regard the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said Allah will give blessings to the relationship of wife and husband if man marry the girl who is the followers of Islam and apply the teachings of Islam on her.

Second Right of Wife towards Husband:
Payment of Haq Maher is the second right of wife towards husband that is described at the moment of Nikah or marriage. Husband will have to pay the Haq Maher unless the wife not forgives it without any pressure. And if husband does not pay it he would be asked by the Allah.

Third Right of Wife towards Husband:
The third right of wife towards is also very important as the husband has given instructions by the Allah Almighty to treat well with his wife. It is the responsibility of husband to provide her good cloths, endless love and the most important thing is that a husband has no to stop his wife to go her parent’s home she should be allowed at least once in a week. If the husband pays full attention to fulfilling the rights of wife according to the Islam and instructions given by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) then there is no doubt that he enjoy his life and will remain peaceful. A husband has no to stop his wife to go her parent’s home she should be allowed at least once in a week.

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