Today 19 September is the National Talk Like A Pirate Day Freebies 2013

National Talk Like A Pirate Day Freebies 2013National Talk Like a Pirate Day freebies is Parodic day which is celebrated on 19th September every year. This day was being created by the John Baur and Mark Summers. The say was created in 1995 when two friends John Baur and Mark Summers were playing of racquetball and got injury, and one person either John or Mark shouted the word “Aaarrr” and thus the idea of National Talk like a Pirate day was made. The main purpose of celebrating this day to create love between the people and having jokes on this special day. Well this is the holiday and every person of any age take part in this enjoyment by joking with their family members, friends beloved. The national Talk Like A pirate day got real fame in 2006 during the episode of ABC’s Wife Swap was telecasting.

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