Tony Abbott Defeated Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in General Election of Australia

Tony Abbott Defeated Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in General Election of AustraliaTony Abbott is the new Australian Prime Minister as he has defeated former Prime Minister Kevin in General Election 2013. The general election was being held in which the nation of Australia has elected new Prime Minister for them. Tony Abbott is 28th Australian Prime Minister.

The birth name of new Prime Minister is Anthony John but he is known as Tony Abbott who was born on 4 November 1957. Tony Abbott graduated in Economics and he has also done Bachelor of Law from the University of Sydney. Abbott got his Master degree from Queen College, Oxford. Tony started his early career as an employee of the Bulletin (news magazine) for the position of Journalist then he joined Australian Newspaper. Tony has started to take interest in politician after the friendship with senior figures New South Wales Labor Party. Abbott was elected as the parliamentarian in general election 1994. Moreover he had been Cabinet Minister. He continued his effort for the betterment of his country as the Leader of Liberal Party.

Tony Abbott won the Australian general election 2013 quite comfortably. Abbott was so excited in his first speech after winning the election. He thanked to all the people who voted and elected him as the new Prime Minister of Australia. It is happened 7th time in the history of Australia that new PM has been elected. Abbot proudly said the change has come in Australia. The Government of Australia has been changed.

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