Top 10 Attracted Places to Visit in London 2018

Today we are going to discuss with our valued users about top 10 attracted places to visit in London 2018. Well before sharing you about attracted places of London we will discuss about London which is the city of United Kingdom and also the capital of UK. London is one of the most beautiful cities of the world it is known in the world as home of education, entertainment, fashion, professionals and as well health. There are 32 districts in London and the control of these areas is handled by the District Government of UK. The area of London is 1772 KM2 and according to recent survey the population of London is 8308370. London is considered the hub of educational institutions and as well dream place for job seekers.

Plenty of quality government and as well private educational institutions are found in London therefore it is the reason numerous student across the world love to study here because the education system in UK is top class and equality based. London is also known as the most beautiful city in the land we are living and due to this thousands of tourist and travel loving people visit London every year to enjoy with the beauty of nature and human arts. It has been seen that tourists wonder about to find out the most attracted places to visit in London therefore we have spent sufficient time to bring top 10 attracted places to Visit in London below:

1. Lake District:Lake District

If you are planning to visit London then don’t forget to visit Lake District which phenomenal place in beautiful London. The other name of Lake District is “The Lakes” which is located in North West England. The main reasons of its popularity are a beautiful lake with covered mountains and forest and there is also a large park known as National Park therefore about 15 million people visit Lake District ever year across the world. Different kind of animals are also being found here such as Peregrine Falcon, Arctic Char, Herdwick Red colour deer and as well as red colour squirrel for more information regarding Lake District please visit their official website of the country.

2. Tower of London:Tower of London

Tower of London is one of the most popular and famous places in the London for tourists. The history of tower of London is very deep as it has been constructed and destroyed many of times. There is white tower in the building which makes building even more beautiful. Tower of London is the most attracted place in the London that attracts plenty of tourists every year.

3. Durham Cathedral:Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral is perhaps most famous building in the whole Europe also known as Norman building. The history of Durham Cathedral is very old as it was established in the month of August 1093. The beauty of this building is that it is almost same as when it was constructed however with the passage of time some parts of Durham Cathedral has been reconstructed and repaired. According to survey which was taken in 2001 Durham Cathedral is most loved building in London by the people. The length of building is 469 feet and height is 73 feet. There are two beautiful towers in the building which make building most attracted.

4. British Museum:British Museum

The world famous place British Museum is found in London. British Museum was found in 1753. There has been kept many of historical and as well old things in museum.  Statistical says that approximately 06 million visit the museum.   With the passage of time changing has been made but British Museum of today is more attracted and beautiful. There is also found a library in Museum which gives chance to visitors to study about history and some amazing information. The entry in the Museum is free cost but tickets have to buy for some special exhibitions. If you have chance to stay in London it is strongly recommended that you must set time to visit British Museum.

5. National History Museum:   National History Museum

Another museum called as National History Museum is great place to visit in London. National History Museum was created in 1881 located at London United Kingdom. Almost 4105106 people visited the national history museum in the year of 2009. There are about 70 million items are kept and to see these item tourists or visitors get enjoy. Entry into the national history park is free however there have been charges for some specific exhibitions.

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